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Version history

    ver 2.30.00 (18.02.2009)
  • New database controls for Oracle, MSSQL Server.
  • Some bugs fixed for Oracle database.

Here some updates information are missing

    ver 2.19.00 (23.05.2007)
  • New database controls for all databases.
    ver 2.18.00 (24.08.2006)
  • Database controls for DB2, Sybase, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Interbase, Firebird updated.
  • Getting real rows count enabled in SQLEditor and Tables windows.
  • Modified mechanism for data updates in grid (Oracle only)
  • Minor fixes to "Export resultset to file".
    ver 2.17.00 (24.04.2006)
  • New database controls for Oracle, MSSQL Server, DB2, Sybase, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Interbase, Firebird.
    ver 2.16.00 (03.03.2006)
  • Fixed bug when removing last connection on the list.
  • Window caption now has a database connection info.
  • Time in connection window
  • DB2 table columns autocomplete working now.
    ver 2.15.00 (23.02.2006)
  • Work with many opened database connections (simultaneously).
    ver 2.10.03 (09.02.2006)
  • MSSQL bug fixes for multiword table names.
    ver 2.10.02 (07.02.2006)
  • MSSQL bug fixed during indexes retrieving on some servers.
    ver 2.10.01 (06.02.2006)
  • Some DB2 fixes.
    ver 2.10.00 (30.01.2006)
  • Fixed bug "Win32 Error" that occurred in WinXP.
  • Sorting in connection window.
  • Some changes in SQL Formatter
  • Lots of DB2 improvements. Now working: indexes, constraints, execution plan, aliases, tablespaces, sequences.
    ver 2.08.01 (24.12.2005)
  • Bug fix concerning saving query results to file in MySQL.
  • Minor improvements.
    ver 2.08.00 (07.12.2005)
  • Working "stored objects" compilation in SQL Editor.
  • Connections filter in SQL History window.
    ver 2.07.00 (16.11.2005)
  • dBase support.
  • MySQL new library included.
    ver 2.06.00 (05.11.2005)
  • Some bug fixes and small improvements.
  • MySQL 5.0 stored procedures and functions viewing.
  • Java sources in Oracle can now be deleted.
    ver 2.05.00 (27.10.2005)
  • Some bug fixes and small improvements.
  • Desktop saving (can be disabled in configuration).
  • Complete jobs implementation for Oracle database.
    ver 2.02.00 (04.10.2005)
  • Fixed bug with PostgreSQL database.
  • User can hide a bar shown on the top of every window.
    ver 2.01.00 (20.09.2005)
  • Fix in grid results save to file.
  • User can connect to a database during working with another one in the same time.
  • All main windows have a bar on the top indicating database they are connected.
  • Saving controls' positions in windows.
  • More PostgreSQL libraries addes.
    ver 2.00.00 (24.08.2005)
  • Lots of fixes.
  • Help.
  • Updated database connection controls.
  • Added all necessary libraries for PostgreSQL.
  • Copying whole column or row in a results grid.
    ver 1.99.12 (03.07.2005)
  • "Add new constraint" action in Tables->Constraints window.
  • Some bug fixes concerning talbes window edition (Firebird)
  • Rename column in Firebird is enabled now.
  • Firebird Dialect is now default 3.
    ver 1.99.10 (22.06.2005)
  • Reverse engineering with ERD diagrams. Tables can be viewed as CASE diagrams. Connections beetween relations and keys in it are shown. It can be saved to graphic file. Menu: Tools->ERDiagram
    ver 1.99.04 (12.06.2005)
  • Some bug fixes concerning talbes window (MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL)
    ver 1.99.02 (29.05.2005)
  • 'Save file' in tabs now asks for a full file path.
  • In Oracle 10g there are no longer duplicated fields during viewing foreign keys.
  • In PostgreSQL all procedures and triggers routines were reworked and work fine now.
  • In tables window edition of results can now be done without changing the row.
  • In tables window edition of results in SQL Server now uses the cached updates.
  • When you hover the opened file tab in SQL Editor the hint with file path is shown.
  • In SQL Editor the cursor is set automaticaly in a newly opened window.
    ver 1.99 (28.03.2005)
  • Reworked C++, VB and PHP sql-code formatter.
  • Some bug fixes
    ver 1.98 (20.03.2005)
  • SQL Server 2005 Express support.
  • Execution plan for PostgreSQL.
  • Creating, renaming and dropping indexes in SQL Server
  • Renaming tables, columns and indexes in PostgreSQL
  • Renaming columns in Interbase and Firebird
    ver 1.97 (07.03.2005)
  • PostgreSQL 8.0 support
  • Removing views and sequences
  • Removing views and sequences
  • Views creation window has changed
  • Sequences creation window has changed
    ver 1.96 (19.02.2005)
  • Advanced configurable SQL code formatter (Alt+F)
  • Rebuilded and improved code completion
  • Show line numbers in sql-window
  • bugfix: connect dialog now shows with first position selected
  • bugfix: java sources window now works properly
  • bugfix: executing SQL with comment on the beginning now works properly
    ver 1.95 (29.12.2004)
  • executing and testing procedures and functions etc... (input and output parameters) shortcut: F8
  • Save As... command in SQL Editor
  • Dropping and disabling/enabling table constraints
  • DBMS_OUTPUT catch up during stored procedures testing (Oracle)
    ver 1.94 (22.12.2004)
  • in-grid result data edition (tables window); all data in grid can be changed in grid (Oracle an SQL Server only)
  • connect dialog now stays until user enters right data or clicks Cancel button; earlier it was closed even if the user entered invalid data to connect.
  • "Copy table to clipboard" command that copies all data from grid (tables and sql windows) now shows confirmation dialog before execution
  • some small bugfixes
    ver 1.93 (14.12.2004)
  • query parameters support
  • templates for new procedure, function, etc... - different for each database
  • tablespaces detailed information
  • tables analysis functions (right click on table)
  • sequence, synonyms, DBLink creation (Oracle)
  • sessions window - sql preview in another window
  • locks window now show data on demand
  • bugfix: sessions window now print all user sessions
  • bugfix: disconnect session now works properly
  • bugfix: all environment options are now saved properly
    ver 1.92 (01.12.2004)
  • themed grids
  • removed (unnecessary) ORACLE registry key checking
  • zebra like database grid painting
  • removed nexus theme
    ver 1.91 (20.11.2004)
  • execution plan fix (now working with Oracle's WITH clause)
    ver 1.87 - 1.90
  • table column's comment can be easily changed now
  • constraints icons
  • Interbase constraints are now working
  • sql 'With as' keyword now is working
  • automatic dbgrid columns stretch (can be set in options)
  • Splitter now supports themes
  • new 'Whidbey' theme
  • Tooltip hints (when caption is too logn) in every list and grid.
    ver 1.86
  • Interbase and Firebird support
    ver 1.70-1.85
  • MSSQL execution plan
  • MySQL execution plan
  • MySQL sessions
  • Compile invalid objects and java sources (oracle)
  • SQL execution history
  • Simple SQL format
  • New better grid component (moving columns, sorting, look)
  • New DBGrid component (data filtering, sorting)
  • Export query results to HTML, XML, CVS (comma separated values) and other files
  • Four new interface skins
  • Antyaliased icons
  • F5 works like Ctrl+E (SQL Execute)
    ver 1.70
  • Many new things I don't remember :)
    ver 1.52
  • For Oracle: Java objects and sources, DBLinks, Clusters, Directories, Jobs, Database locks (for sysdba only),
  • Better interface look (office XP look)
  • Sequences, Views
  • Copy DDL to clipboard (create table, insert statements, update statements, select statements)
  • Transactions
  • Show all indexes
  • Show all constraints
  • Every object in database has now additional "details tab"
  • Execution plan for query (Oracle only)
  • In SQL editor - show whitespaces command
  • LRU connections combo in main menu
    ver 1.30
  • Triggers and procedures are now encapsulated in one window called OBJECTS; and extended
  • Possibility to modify and compile functions, procedures, triggers, packages etc. sources
  • Object compilation errors are snow in a bottom panel
  • User can see cursor position in object's editing window
  • Two types of completion proposals are now added to SQL window and object window (Ctrl + Space) and (Ctrl + Shift + Space)
  • Cursor position in SQL window is now updated properly, every time user changes SQL editors
  • SQLEdit background color and font can be set in configuration
  • Tables window is properly refreshed every time user adds, removes,... a column
  • "Results to clipboard" is added to a tables' window
  • In a connection's window last connections are now sorted properly
    ver 1.25
  • Constraints, dependencies and other information for table is now accessible (Oracle)
    ver 1.20
  • SQL editor can manage multiple open files, the user can switch between
  • Some minor bug fixes
    ver 1.11
  • Multiple sql statements can be executed in one transaction
  • Some minor bug fixes

    ver 1.10
  • Windows XP style look

    ver 1.09
  • Configuration is working

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