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  • Easily view Tables, Sequences, Views data and detailed information for all of them.
  • Display all table indexes, constraints, references etc.
  • Users can display, update, delete or insert colums, rows, indexes and constraints.
  • Integrated SQL editor shows syntax through color coding and allows the user to create professional-looking code. You can run the statement and see the results below. Code competition, text replacing, multilevel undo make this a professional SQL editor.
  • Multiwindowed SQL editor. You can add or remove files with sql statements and work with them simultaneously.
  • Use SQL history of your sql statements
  • Displays procedures, functions, packages, triggers, java sources etc. Coloured syntax and many functions from SQL editor makes it easy to find the object of our interest.
  • Editing and compiling pocedures, functions, triggers, packages, etc.
  • Executing and testing pocedures and functions (input and output params values).
  • Parametrized SQL queries.
  • Use advanced SQL code formatter.
  • Reverse Engineering. Database presented as Entity Relationship Diagrams.
  • SQL Completion proposal (tables, columns for tables and aliases, procedures)
  • In-grid result data edition (tables window)
  • Easily navigate through DB objects and view its DDL
  • Generate INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements for tables.
  • Generate INSERT INTO script of your tables or for the result of your SQL statements
  • Simple and useful results filtering and sorting function.
  • Transactions.

  • You can view, delete or turncate tables.
  • Manage logins, users and grants on the server.
  • Monitor active connections and oldest transactions. Database administrator can kill sessions.
  • Watch locks
  • Manage indexes and analyze the selectivity of an index
  • Manage extended stored procedures
  • You can view general information of all database devices installed in the system.
  • Shows all system objects (tables, views, sequences, indexes, constraints, etc.)
  • Review space used by DB files, tables and indexes (Oracle)
  • Review estimated execution plan
  • Tablespaces, DBLinks, Jobs, Clusters, Directories, Exceptions, etc. (databases special features)

End users
  • View and edit tables' data in different representations
  • Easily filter and search data
  • Export results data int different formats: HTML, XML, CSV text files.
  • Perform data manipulations using Stored Procedures
  • Print data
  • Easy to use. It doesn't need any training. Its object-oriented interface takes you to any database function within a few clicks.

Other features
  • Supports most of popular databases. Contrary to majority of database tools, it is not dedicated to only one database. It can work with different data types, functions, procedures, etc. unique for used database server.
  • Multi-document interface techniques lets us work with many open windows in any time. You can watch more than one window at one time. For example, you can edit an SQL statement in one window while looking at table columns in another.
  • Direct or ODBC or BDE (user choice) database connections.
  • Customize menus and toolbars for fast access to your most visited features.
  • Interface skins support.

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